Veganism in an Oppressive World

Through the voices of vegans of color, Veganism in an Oppressive World will revolutionize the way you see our movement. A must read for new vegans and seasoned nonhuman animal activists alike, this community-led effort provides in-depth, first-hand accounts and analyses of what is needed to broaden the scope of veganism beyond its current status as a fringe or “single-issue” movement while ensuring that justice for nonhumans remains its central focus. This collection of academic essays, personal reflections and poetry critically examines the state of the mainstream nonhuman animal rights movement while imparting crucial perspectives on how to build a movement that is inclusive, consistent, and effective.

Saryta’s contributions to this work include a significant portion of the Introduction entitled “Intersectionality versus Diversity: A Note to Vegan Organizations” and an essay entitled “‘Move to Berkeley!’ and Other Follies.”

Sanctuary Publishers donates a portion of proceeds from each book to a different justice organization. Part of the proceeds from Veganism in an Oppressive World will go to support Food Empowerment Project, an incredible organization based in California that focuses in equal parts on human and nonhuman advocacy through educational efforts, fundraising and volunteer programs promoting veganism, farmer’s rights and racial justice.

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ISBN: 978-0998994611
Publisher: Sanctuary Publishers
Publication Date: November 16, 2017
Formats: Paperback and eBook
Pages: 162 pages



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